Review by Diana Trautwein [of DRGT/Just Wondering...]

Dan King is a wonderful bear of a guy with a heart as big as he is. Several years ago, he began the blogsite as a means of deepening his walk with Jesus and on that blog, he made discoveries that have changed his life. And if you read this book, those discoveries are likely to change yours as well.

It’s a quick read with long-lasting impact. Dan describes himself as anything but a ‘powerhouse writer.’ And in one sense, I suppose he’s right. He does not have a particularly poetic or ‘literary’ style. But here’s what he does have: a very distinctive voice, one that communicates clearly and effectively. And most of all, he is as real as they come. And kind and funny, too.

In nine brief chapters, Dan takes us on a life-changing journey – from his initial research into the disastrous impact of poverty on the two-thirds world, to making contact with an NGO called Five Talents, to a 2009 trip to Africa, where he joins a teaching team in Kenya and Uganda for a two and a half week outreach experience.

There are two things that make this book a must-read for me:

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