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In the presence of lions…

(Excerpt from chapter six: experiencing God’s creation, unfiltered) We first came to a mud pit where a giraffe and some warthogs were getting some much needed refreshment. Suddenly, all of these animals came to attention. Something must be going on, but we had no idea what. Then a beautiful lioness emerged from bush. Each one […]



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A Review by Crystal Rowe [of Soul Munchies]

I can remember the first time I reached out to Dan King, wanting to be part of a group blogging project on The Mystery of the Cross. That was over a year ago … After a few more projects, he approached me about becoming a part of the team. He wanted me to write more […]

An Interview with Dena Dyer [of Mother Inferior]

Social media guru, blogger, father and husband Dan King has written a compelling, inspirational new e-bookabout his journey from pew-warmer to poverty fighter. I have the privilege of knowing Dan personally through our work at The High Calling, and I absolutely love his heart for the Lord, his family, and the “least of these.”  So I asked him if […]

A Review by Cristiane Ferreira [of Just Cris]

Have you ever seen a book title and subtitle and wished for a moment that that book was written about you, that it depicted your life in one single line? That’s what I felt when I first saw the title of this book: “The Unlikely Missionary: From Pew-Warmer to Poverty-Fighter” by Dan King (from I had this […]

A Review by Mike McArthur [of Words of Eternal Life]

The Unlikely Missionary is an ebook by Dan King, a blogger who has moved from having vague thoughts about poverty to writing about the topic on his blog to taking a trip to Africa with Five Talents International. In taking this trip from Florida to Kenya and Uganda with the purpose of helping teach basic small business […]

A Review by Stacy Bowen [of Broken]

From Pew-Warmer to Poverty Fighter. That’s the subtitle of Dan King’s ebook The Unlikely Missionary.  And how long have I been holding down that pew on the right side of my church in the very last row? Going on twenty years. I like it there. It’s comfortable. At least it was.  Until I read Dan’s book. Dan describes himself as “just […]

A Review by Seth Haines [of ...a collective]

“I wanted to fix everyone’s problems, but these problems are so big.  One man on one trip couldn’t possibly make that much of an impact.  I tried to remember that this trip was about planting seeds…” ~Dan King, theUnlikely Missionary There are a few people you implicitly trust. I met Dan King in a house full of […]